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CLICO assessment… –??? JagdeoPresident Bharrat Jagdeo says that he is confident that Commissioner of Insurance and now Judicial Manager Maria van Beek will conduct herself professionally in her dealings with Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Guyana.Commissioner of Insurance Maria van BeekThe President was responding to the fact that van Beek’s husband, Patrick van Beek,China Jerseys Cheap, shared a work relationship with CL Financial and CLICO Investment Bank among others, and there could be speculation that her dealing with CLICO Guyana could be a conflict of interest.According to Jagdeo,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, he was unaware of any such relations that her husband shared with the companies but remarked that van Beek is highly professional and would not allow this level to be compromised.He said that many people have relationships with CL Financial but when national interest was affected, action will be taken to protect policyholders.The President also mentioned that even the government shared a relationship with CLICO through the Berbice Bridge, “but that does not mean we will not take tough action.”Van Beek came in for criticism before when Alliance For Change leader Raphael Trotman posited that there was a glaring conflict of interest in having the Commissioner of Insurance Maria Van-Beek, appointed Judicial Manager of the company,Cheap Jerseys From China, given her track record in regulating,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and the fact that she would have a hand in the daily operations of the company.He added that there is also the issue of the oversight of the other insurance companies and the fear that CLICO would be given preferential treatment.The ACF leader had stated that the takeover of CLICO (Guyana), by the Commissioner of Insurance left more questions that answers.Commissioner of Insurance Maria van Beek has also been lambasted for what he called her ineffective oversight CLICO’S affairs,NFL Jerseys China, since she allegedly allowed the company to breach the Financial Insurance Act for more than a year.It was only until after CLICO Bahamas was ordered liquidated on February 23 which impaired more than 50 per cent of CLICO Guyana’s assets that she moved to liquidate CLICO Guyana.Chief Justice Ian Chang did not grant that order but ordered that the company be placed under Judicial Management and that a full report on the status of the company be prepared.Van Beek told the media last week that the audited financial statements as at December 31, 2008 are now being finalised.In addition, she said,NFL Jerseys Supply, attorneys in Guyana and a legal team in The Bahamas have been retained to provide legal services to the company.

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