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…15 escape deathSeveral minibus passengers are nursing injuries sustained when their minibus turned turtle on the Rupert Craig Highway yesterday. Among those who escaped injury were conductor Terrence Jackman and two-year-old Roshaun Granville.Among the injured who sought treatment at the Georgetown Hospital following the accident were Joyann Todd,Wholesale Jerseys, 30,Deion Jones Falcons Jersey UK, and her six-year-old son Ezekiel; Jocelyn Rose, 19; Shamina Manuman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,17; Amanda Granville,NFL Jerseys China, 22, her four-year-old son, Royden; Indroutee Persaud, 43; and Mauricette Aaron 41.Also injured was Latchminee Narine,Cheap Jerseys Online, 45,World Cup Jerseys, who hit her head on the road.? She is adamant that the bus was not speeding.Sixteen months ago her son had died in an accident on the UG public road. She recalled seeing the truck swaying.Bus driver Phillip Henry, 47, said that he was driving on the outer lane while a truck GJJ7475 was headed east on the inner lane. He said that he also saw a car in front of the truck. “The truck swerved into my path to overtake the car and I was blowing my horn but the truck still tried to overtake.”As a last resort he hit the brakes and the bus, BKK 6964, toppled. Bleeding from his arm he entered a car and pursued the truck which he alleged failed to stop. They then drove ahead to the Sparendaam police station and managed to alert some ranks who stopped the truck. Up to yesterday afternoon the sand truck was parked outside the police station while the driver was assisting the police with investigations.One man who was on the scene said the truck never came into contact with the minibus at anytime.Recalling events Amanda Granville who was seated aback of the conductor with her two children said the bus was heading east along the Rupert Craig Highway. She said “We bus go to overtake a truck and same time the truck go to overtake a car and the driver mash brakes and the bus turn over.”Several public spirited citizens went to the aid of the 15 occupants of the bus, most of whom were whisked to the Georgetown Public Hospital. Several were sent to X-ray department.

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