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– explosives, poison to be banned from huntingGuyana yesterday celebrated World Wildlife Day with warnings of tougher action on illegal activities.The message was delivered yesterday by Robert Persaud, Minister of NaturalParticipants of the Wildlife Stakeholders’ Forum yesterday.Resources and the Environment, at the Wildlife Stakeholders’ Forum that was held at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal. Several operators and regulators were among those present.World Wildlife Day, celebrated under the theme ‘Wildlife Crime is Serious; Let’s Get Serious About Wildlife Crime’, is pertinent,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, as it puts the spotlight on illegal trade and exploitation of wildlife, Persaud said in his address to the hunters and other stakeholders.“This Stakeholders’ Forum therefore has been deliberately scheduled to not only coincide with World Wildlife Day for formality sake, but to initiate the process with you the stakeholders on how we could bring to bear tangible results on the sustainable management and conservation of our wildlife.”The Minister argued that wildlife has remained well protected, due to the still extensive natural habitat and relative inaccessibility ofThere is a significant demand for wildmeat in Guyana.the hinterland.?He warned that animals are under threat. “But,Wholesale Jerseys China, this will not be the state of affairs until perpetuity as, with growing road networks to access logging and mining concessions, accessibility is changing which could be a major driver in animal population decline.”Guyana became a party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in 1977.“This mandates us to adopt appropriate measures for effective implementation of the convention and to consider appropriate compliance measures which may include recommendations to suspend trade.? Failure to enact legislation to implement the Convention can lead to compliance measures being instituted against the defaulting Party, including recommendations to suspend trade.? Guyana was previously subject to a recommendation for trade suspension for inadequate legislation.”This was only lifted after the enactment of the Species Protection Regulations in 1999, the official said.BANNED“This regulation along with the Wildlife Management and Conservation Regulations 2013 which provides for the collection, hunting, sale and possession of wildlife govern the international and domestic trade of wildlife respectively.”To strengthen the regulation and management of the international wildlife trade,Wholesale Jerseys, a Wildlife Import and Export Bill was tabled in Parliament in 2014.? This bill, Persaud explained,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, seeks to repeal the Species Protection Regulations and establish the Wildlife Import and Export Authority to replace the Wildlife Division.“These regulations make provisions for among others, penalising the harvesting of prohibited species of wildlife, exporting,Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jersey, re-exporting or importing wildlife without permits and the use of prohibited devices and methods to hunt wildlife.? Some of which include the use of drugs, poison, explosives, high-powered weapons etc.? Penalties for offenders range from $30,000 to $750,000 along with prison time.”Persaud admitted that while the infrastructure to effectively implement the regulations is under construction, that in no way should be construed to connote non-compliance, as ignorance of the law will not be an acceptable excuse.“As wildlife stewards, you have a responsibility to ensure that your hunting and trapping practices are done according to the regulations. With that said, we recognise that the regulations and other pieces of policies that protect wild flora such as the National Policy on Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture 2014 are only as good in practical terms as the partnerships that we are able to forge.”INCOMPLETE WORKThe Minister said that while the Ministry with responsibility for wildlife has a clearer path of all the facets and technicalities of wildlife management,Cheap Jerseys, including implementing a licencing system for wildlife dealers and establishing quotas for harvesting targeted wildlife species, one must also be cognizant of the challenges that must be overcome before these are implemented.“Some of those challenges include building capacities of staff within the Wildlife Division and EPA for scientific research, the provision of the requisite training and equipment to detect, investigate and prosecute wildlife offences, and educating the general populace on the importance of wildlife resources and the need t

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