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The Cuban Embassy has been focusing on the U.S. trade blockade and an update on five Cuban heroes.Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, Pedro Arteaga Cardenas, said that though it would be a surprise, his country is hoping that the upcoming elections in the United States might bring some change.He also said that Cuba stands a chance of having the blockade lifted under a Barack Obama presidency. He stressed ‘might’ and that it would nonetheless be a surprise.President of the Guyana/Cuba Friendship Association, Samuel David Abdool, said that last weekend John McCain boldly informed the remnants of the Miami Cuban expatriates that he will sustain the most egregiously failed U.S. policy of them all — the Cuban blockade — while Barack Obama supports changing the relationship with Cuba.The United States blockade against Cuba is a commercial, economic, and financial embargo imposed on the Castro government on February 7, 1962, he said.The embargo was enacted after the Castro government expropriated the properties of United States citizens and corporations, notably those that belonged to the United Fruit Company and the ITT.The embargo was codified into law in 1992 with the stated purpose of “bringing democracy to the Cuban people”, and in fact is entitled the Cuban Democracy Act.In 1996 Congress passed the Helms-Burton Act which further restricted United States citizens from doing business in or with Cuba, and mandated restrictions on giving public or private assistance to any successor regime in Havana, unless and until certain claims against the Cuban Government are met.In 1999, U.S. President Bill Clinton modified the trade embargo by requiring that foreign subsidiaries of U.S. companies stop trading with Cuba. He also authorised the sale of certain U.S. products to Cuba.At present,China NFL Jerseys, the embargo, which limits American businesses from conducting business with Cuban interests, is still in effect and is the most enduring trade embargo in modern history, the envoy said. Despite the existence of the embargo, the United States is the seventh largest exporter to Cuba (4.3 per cent of Cuba’s imports are from the US).Abdool said that, on October 10, 2006,Wholesale Jerseys China, the United States announced the creation of a task force made up of officials from several US agencies that will pursue more aggressively violators of the US trade blockade against Cuba, with penalties as severe as 10 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines for violators of the blockade.The U.S. Treasury Department had four full-time employees dedicated to investigating Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein – but over two dozen assigned to investigating Cuba’s embargo violations. He added that more than $8 million were collected in blockade violation fines since 1994.Abdool said that in the United Nations General Assembly, annual votes that call on the U.S. to lift its sanctions pass with exceptionally large margins: In 2002 — 173 to 3; in 2003 — 179 to 4; in 2006 — only the U.S., Israel, the Marshall Islands, and Palau voted against the resolution (with Federated States of Micronesia abstaining).He noted that religious leaders oppose the blockade for a variety of reasons, including humanitarian and economic hardships the embargo imposes on Cubans.President of the Guyana Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Dr. Devon Dublin, dealt with the issue of the Cuban Five.He contends that the Cuban Five — Gerardo Hern?ndez, Antonio Guerrero,China Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Ram?n Laba?ino, Fernando Gonz?lez, and Ren? Gonz?lez — five Cuban nationals who were arrested and convicted of espionage, conspiracy to commit murder, and other illegal activities in the United States,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, risked their lives to fight terrorism.In their case, he says, it was terrorism against Cuba, terrorism originating from the U.S. that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Cubans and others, including American citizens, over the past fifty years.He said that Cuba has been the victim of several terrorist acts, and needs to defend itself against these terrorist activities.Dublin said that it has been 10 years since the imprisonment of the five Cuban ‘antiterrorists’ in the U.S.After a seven-month trial in 2001, a Miami jury sentenced Ramon and Antonio to life in prison, Fernando to 19 years, Rene to 15 years, and Gerardo to two life terms.The National Committee to free the Cuban Five, in conjunction with more than 300 such committees worldwide,Wholesale Jerseys Online, has collected more than 100,000 signatures

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